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This is group 2, we have Alesha as our leader and Rauufi as the vice leader and other members are Prima and Aqila. For this PBL Project, our group did a Narrative Ad and Alesha as the leader of the group divided the task among all members.

We decided to make a video that describes our invention. It is about the EFB our invention, a small portable device that will help revolutionize the way of safety in travelling, but pinpointing the location of any vehicle when an accident occurs.

Alesha as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Alesha created the schedule which gave us a plan on what to do, she also created meetings. Rauufi created a plan on how the video will look like and created a demo, and also assigned roles and edited and made the video. Prima was in charge of creating the script and making sure that it fits the duration of the video. Aqila created the website, and help Organize all the parts of the video

First, we read the guidelines then we divide the task. Alesha and Rauufi planned on how to make the video and what to include. Prima with the help of Rauufi created lines for the script. Aqila searched on how to make a website pop. We started to think about what we want our video to be or even what it should show, we had a couple of ideas but did not really use most of them, we had to adapt to what we had, and we struggled a bit in finalizing the video.

This was our first time doing the project and this year was the first we had ever done something like this. This year was a lot different than anything we have ever done because we had to stay at home, we had a lot of struggles with member communication and with delays in working on the video due to personal matters, or others, we also had debates over what should be in the video and what should not. Other setbacks were delays because some members did not submit their video parts and sometimes doubted each other about the results. But fortunately, we were able to communicate better by always staying alert, and we got the video done.

Written by: Alesha, Rauufi, Aqila, Prima


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