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MHIS Showcase

Robotics and AI (PBL 7 Group 2) – MHIS Showcase

Robotics and AI (PBL 7 Group 2)

Assalamualaikum Guys!

We are group 2, we have Keihl as leader, Zhafran as vice leader, and the other members are Lifi and Salma. For this PBL 7 we decided to create an infographic.

The topic of the infographic is Robotics and Artificial intelligence. We create a canva which contains explanations of robotics and artificial intelligence, their positive and negative impacts, as well as global, local, and personal perspectives. After Keihl made the whatsapp group, we filled out the docs of planning and asked for approval.

After we got the approval, Keihl and Lifi started to make the script and canva, Zhafran and Salma also helped to make the script and the canva, then we recorded ourselves for summarizing video and Salma recorded the process of making the canva. Lifi will edit the video. 

Of course, in PBL 7 there are some difficulties that we face, such as internet connection, and difficulties in communicating. But those difficulties can make us realize that good communication and signals are important things in group work online or offline.



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