MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Raja Ali Haji’s Gurindam 12 Performance – MHIS Showcase

Raja Ali Haji’s Gurindam 12 Performance


Assalamualaikum Everyone!

This is group 4, we have Favian as the leader, Razqa as the vice leader and other members are Ghayda and Talitha. For this PBL Project, our group picked Gurindam. and Favian as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.

We decided to make a Gurindam video that took around 2-3 days of getting all the members of the group video. It is about us reading Gurindam that is made by Raja Ali Haji written in 1847.

Favian as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Favian (the leader), he helped us by picking what we have to do, what role we are going to do for this small PBL. Razqa (the vice leader) role is to edit the Gurindam video and also make the project planning of this PBL. Ghayda (member) role that she helped me do the project planning and Talitha (member) she also helped me do the project planning.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task, for what pasal of the Gurindam that we are going to perform and then we decide what background music we are going to use for the video. The next steps were voice recording, compiling all of the recordings, finding old photos for video background and editing the video.

We are glad that our project was finished in time. We can achieve this because we are planning the project really well and we collaborate with all the group members.


Written by Group 4 (7A)

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Please enjoy our Gurindam performance!

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