MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Proper Islamic Attire (10G1) – MHIS Showcase

Hello everyone!

We are from group 1 of grade 10, Fahri is the leader of this group, while Daud is the vice leader. The members of our group are Fatih, Cecil, and Sasa. For this PBL project, our group made infographics from the various subjects that were mentioned in the PBL guidelines.

We all discussed what subjects each of us will do and came to the decision that Fahri will do the Islamic Studies and ICT infographic, Cecil will do Bahasa Indonesia and Physics, I will do Global Perspective and Math, Fatih will do Civics, and Sasa will do Mandarin. The main topic of our infographic is Muslim Attire. Cecil is also in charge of putting the finished infographics all together. Each of us made the infographic in Canva and put it on a website called We also put some information about us there. 

After we put all of our infographics together on one website, we made a video using Zoom explaining how we made the website and putting the infographics in it. We also explained briefly about the contents of our respective infographics. Once the presentation video was finished, Daud edited the video and added Indonesian subtitles to the video. 

Since this was our first time making a project like this, we encountered some difficulties during the making of both the website and video, namely Cecil had a problem with her audio in the Zoom so she had to record her part all over again and send it to Daud for him to combine it with the rest of the video. Another problem was that Sasa’s video was not in the right format so we had to convert it first. Exporting the finished video from the editing software also took a very long time. Thankfully, it all turned out well even though we faced multiple internet problems. 

A lesson that we learned from doing this project is to start doing future projects earlier as to not be pressured by the deadline. We highly recommend the students in the future that will do a similar kind of project to start doing their work earlier and finish it on time as well as be active in group discussions and be cooperative. 

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Written by: Fahri, Daud, Cecil, Fatih, Sasa


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