MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Primary 4 Language Fair 2022: Heroes of Then and Now – MHIS Showcase

Primary 4 Language Fair 2022: Heroes of Then and Now

Mutiara Harapan Islamic School recently celebrated its annual Language Fair last September 12-14, 2022 together with the Primary students with the theme ‘Bridging the Gap between Culture and Race.


The Language Fair showcased diverse and varied activities in line with English and Bahasa Indonesia subjects. The celebration was delighted with numerous events such as the Project Based Learning presentation, Parade of Nation, where students wore their National/Traditional or International Costume, Speech Activity, and a lot more. The event focused on celebrating and preserving the historical life of the subject. Other levels also focused on the celebration of the National heroes of before and now. The fair also demonstrated salient new language exploration and competitions were conducted such as the Best Class Booth, Best Project, and Best in Costume.


The three-day fair was fully loaded with activities. On the first day, it emphasizes that language goes beyond culture and race. It had different speech activities using the English Language. On its second day, Bahasa Indonesia had its speech activity emphasizing the rich culture and language of Bahasa Indonesia. The third day was allocated for the Language Fair Culminating Activity where the costumes of the students were presented and their Project Based Learning output from Grades 1 to 6. It also highlighted the winners of each competition and presented medals and certificates for all students’ participation and active collaboration.


Furthermore, the fair also paved the way for a Class Booth competition. The students, parents, and teachers have put a lot of effort into crafting and organizing each class’ booth exhibiting the theme for the event. They made their booth come to life by putting together photos of their subjects and it was showcased magnificently. Yet because of some unwanted circumstances, the class booth competition was canceled because of the increasing number of covid cases during that time so it was decided to postpone the fair and put some classes to hold because of its active cases. Even though there were changes in the plan, which were far from the initial one, it was still a successful and meaningful fair for everyone.


‘The event was full of surprises’ Ms. Tess said, a Grade 5 teacher. Ms. Rhods said ‘ I am so glad that I have watched it. The time for the Fair might be short but it was celebrated with joy and talents.’Indeed, the event has made an impactful message to the students, parents, teachers, and all its visitors.


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