MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Love your Family as Much as They Love You (G7BG4) – MHIS Showcase

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hello everyone, this is group 4 speaking with you. Calya Shira Moulina the leader of the group, along with our vice leader Khanis, and the other group members Abi and Arfa. We have worked for a long time now on this project and I guess we could say that It turned out pretty well.

For digital short story, we entitled our story as “Family Gathering”. The context are that there are 4 siblings Calya, Khanis, Abi, and Arfa Suzuki having a family gathering with the other family members. It looks like the siblings have just passed midterm tests and celebrating their victory. The siblings educated their family with some lessons to give them their point of view.

As the leader of the group, Calya assigned tasks to each and every member a job. Abi and Arfa is in-charge of the detail guidelines. They would examine it and tries to fit some of the details in the story line. After being sure of their answers they would send it to each subject teacher and get their acceptance whether It’s already good or it needs improvement.

As they finished, Abi and Arfa would hand it over to Calya and she would make the storyline along with the others. After it is done, Khanis would copy paste it to Book Creator and sort out some details. After she’s sure of it, we would make the video summarizing to show other students how we plan all this. It might be helpful for the future students who wants to make a digital short story as well. For the apps, we mainly use Capcut and iMovie for video editing, pinterest to find some pictures and bandlab to sort out some music. Alright enough chit-chat, we really hope you’ll enjoy the product we’ve made for months. Feel free to give out some suggestions!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Want to know how to make digital short story? Please take a look on our video summarizing!


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