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Literasi Fiksi dan Non Fiksi | Bookstagram | G4

Hi everyone!
We are group 3, we have Anaya as our leader, M Rafi as our vice leader, Riza and Alea are our other members of the group. For this PBL project, we made a bookstagram account on instagram! A bookstagram is a book lover’s instagram account that talks about their recent reads through posts. We chose two books to talk about in our account, ‘Sabtu Bersama Bapak’ and ‘(Edu Animals) Pulau Jawa’. (If you’re curious about our account, our username is @/mhisgroup3 on instagram)

We each have our roles and parts of the project to do. Anaya wrote about the plot and blurb of the story, M Rafi wrote the books’ information, Riza wrote the sinopsis, and Alea did the character studies. Riza also helped make the account and Anaya helped in editing the posts (Add background music for PBL music) and uploading them.

We have had many PBL projects for the past pandemic school years, but this one is quite different. This PBL project only consists of two subjects and we’re happy to say, this was much easier than the past ones we’ve had. We’ve had a few ups and downs during the process of making this, like reading the book in time before the deadline, writing and reviewing the books, editing the posts and finally posting it on the account on time. But we thankfully managed to complete it all on time. Our time management in our opinion has been better than the past projects since we have already got experience.

All and all this year’s small PBL project has been chaotic with all the tests and schoolwork we had to do, but we’ve finally finished it and we all learnt something from it. Time management and communication between your group mates is key. Hoping for the best and easiest PBL project next year now that we have more experience!

Written By: Anaya (Group Leader)

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