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Group 2 – PBL Community Involvement “Sharing with the community!” – MHIS Showcase

Group 2 – PBL Community Involvement “Sharing with the community!”

Hey, everyone!

This is Group 2. We have Freya, Zahra, Naira, and Salma. Zahra as the leader, Freya as the vice leader and other members are Salma and Naira. For this PBL Project, our group worked on our first PBL of Grade 9 which is Community Involvement, themed “Changing communities.”bouncing putty egg custom youth nfl jersey pepe jeans outlet pepe jeans outlet pepe jeans outlet NFL College Jerseys jordan proto max 720 claudie pierlot outlet jordan max aura 4 nike air max 90 futura vanhunks kayak custom stitched nfl jersey inflatable kayak pepe jeans outlet black friday wig sale

This project helps us learn how to bring positivity and change the communities around us. From that, our group decided to use Science as our main subject and make our own orange/lemon juice to deliver them to people near our houses/schools. This is an example of sharing with the community.

We originally were going to make the juices together in each other’s house, but due to our busy schedules we ended up doing it on our own. Salma was the one who used the litmus paper to find out what the pH of the lemon juice was (as part of the Science learning objective), as you can see here in the pictures below:


Now for our experiences, this is our first time doing a group project during onsite instead of online after a while, I think it has been about 2 years. It’s crazy how different it feels doing it onsite compared to online in a way, and I’d say it feels more productive since all the members are here at the school so we can all safely discuss with each other. I am happy to have done this onsite instead of online. For people who will be doing something similar to this in the future, even these group tasks make an impact to the community around us as I believe giving those orange/lemon juices to the people have made them very happy. That’s why we learned a lot about sharing with communities through this group project. Teamwork and discussion is also an important key to things such as this, so don’t be afraid to rely on your other team members instead of being on yourself all the time.


Written by: Group 2

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