MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

The Effects That The Pandemics Bring to The E-commerce (G10G1PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Assalamu’alaikum WR. WB. 

Hello everyone! We are from group 1, especially the business stream group, and in this group consist of Rania which is our leader, Irsyad our vice leader, and all the members are Shabrina, Fardan, and Daus. In this PBL project we have the task to make a Video Essay about the effects that the pandemics bring to the e-commerce here in Indonesia and what’s the effect on how we buy and sell things. 

As a group, we decided to give every person a task to do in order to complete the Video Essay:

We work together in this group work, Rania is in charge of editing the video for the PBL presentation and making the script. She’s also the one that decide the roll for each member of the group, Irsyad he is in charge of uploading the video on youtube and make the captions and making the docs draft for the e-learning article, Shabrina is in charge of helping Rania for editing, making the script and searching for the information for the graph. Fardan is in charge to help the other group members find some useful information and make the article and lastly Daus, he is in charge to help the other group members find some useful information and make the article.

In the process of making the Video, First we compiled all the information we have in order to be able to create the graph, Second we created the script from the information and the summary we have and then compile all of that information and the data from the summary into a conversation between members, Third we decided to take a video of the explanations and also the conversation, after that we edit the video then after we are done with the editing process, our leader Rania will upload the video to Youtube 

Finally after all the hard work form every single member we finally created the Video Essay and I’m so glad that you can enjoy the video with us hope you like it.

That is all from us Wassalamu’alaikum WR. WB.


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