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MHIS Showcase

Grade 6A- Film Poster Project – MHIS Showcase

Grade 6A- Film Poster Project

We, the Grade 6A  made a Film Poster about ‘The Education in Indonesia: Past, Present, & Future’. This Project-Based Learning was a collaborative project with the English and PPKN subject. The Education System in Indonesia has affluently progressed and developed through time. It is moving towards producing globally competitive graduates and is aiming to uphold its education’s ideals and aspirations to the new era.

Indonesia’s Education System in the past, present, and in future plays a vital role in shaping its citizen’s life and future. It is also a way and avenue to showcase the country’s rich culture, traditions, beliefs, and society.

My students were lucky and privileged enough to have had experienced this lesson both conducted and applied in their English and PPKN subjects. This project provided the students a wide horizon of awareness and information, as well as apprehending and comprehending thought-provoking questions by undergoing and experiencing the different eras in Indonesia’s education. It also trained them to be researchers and interviewers and hastening their writing and speaking skills throughout the duration of the project. Withal, it was an interesting journey for me and my students that we have captured essential photos, videos, and interviews through this Film Poster and Documentary.

Evident progress and developments were made in Indonesia’s Education in different eras. From its curriculum, teachers, activities conducted, tools and methods, school facilities, strategies, and pedagogies. These changes in education equip its people and society from the past and to what it is now- in the present; and what it will be in the future. Yet, it was not achieved in just one blink of an eye. Difficulties and hardships were faced, but it was with so much dedication and pride that Indonesia’s Education System gave birth to an even stronger system for the betterment and welfare of its learners.

Now, Indonesia’s Education System is ready to take plight on a journey and venture into its future.

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