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MHIS Showcase

Floating Water Bottle – MHIS Showcase

Hello! This is group 5 from grade 7B.

We have Raisha as the leader, Shifa as the vice leader and the other members are Keihl and Naufal.

For this PBL Project, our group did a documentary. Raisha as the leader of the group divided the task among all members. We decided to make a documentary/video to explain and inform you about a floating water bottle. Raisha as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Raisha as the leader makes the template of the script, helps to make information and explanation about our invention, make a video and edit the video. Shifa and Keihl also help to make some information about our invention and make a video reading our script. And Naufal made a video reading our script.
First, we read the guidelines then decide which invention we should choose then we divide the task. Raisha as the leader made a script with templates for the video. After that, we communicate to find information and explanation of our invention. Fill in the script and double-check then we make the video. After making the video the members send their video to the leader and then she edits the video. Then when the video is edited, we upload the video on youtube. The experience we gain from this project is breaking complex tasks into parts and steps, refine understanding through discussion and explanation and plan and manage time.

Our invention is a floating water bottle. A floating water bottle is a bottle that can float in one place without touching the ground or surface, as the name suggests. The way it works is with a repulsive force between the polar ends of the strong magnet, thus making the bottle float. Winds can also be used to make it hover above the ground, it’s helped by mechanics used in the likes of a helicopter or a drone. The benefits and advantages of using this bottle are that you don’t have to worry about the bottle being knocked over and spilled, and it can also be used as a puff for the room, this bottle also hovers not so high about 35 centimeters above the surface so you can take it easy.

The water bottle floats and hovers around by being controlled by remote control or joysticks. Any type of joystick or remote control can be used, which means it doesn’t need a lot of money to get afforded, but there are preferences for the water bottle. Joysticks like those of which are used for playing games or so are most fit for controlling the water bottle.

This floating water bottle is also a reusable water bottle so it is good for the environment. It takes less oil to produce, thereby reducing both your carbon footprint and helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, ocean, streams, and other places that plastic waste ends up replaces all the plastics that you would have used and thereby reduces both your carbon footprint. This technology can make the ecosystem improve, which is caused by waste pollution, especially plastic waste so that animals in the wild can live more properly. 

So that’s it for our PBL project, thank you for listening!
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  • Nadia Sarah / Reply

    Awesome. Thanks for this valuable information!

  • Meiriyana / Reply

    Group 7 B lead by raisha and shifa and also support by team member keihl and Naufal. They already tried the best at least member collaboratiob seen in this project. It would be better if the floating bottle is not only drew but also physically made, but good job kids and good luck😊

  • Good job

  • Good job …

  • So far cara kalian berbicara udah bagus. Aku mau kasih masukan dari segi edit video, jedanya sedikit kelamaan, but its okay!

    Best of luck for all of u guys<3

  • What’s this floating bottle water use in our everyday life?

  • Good Job 👏👏

  • Very good presentation. Maybe next time, the description should be more detail so the reader can have better understanding on what’s been explained. Thanks

  • Good job kids..

  • Riadini / Reply

    Very good invention group 5…good luck, we need more ideas like you all did to save our environment. Cheers.

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