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Flaming Sword – MHIS Showcase

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Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh


This is group 4, 

we have  Putra as the leader, 

Luna.. as the vice leader and other members are Mikail and Zahra. For this PBL Project, our group did  Narrative Story Advertising

Our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Here are the description of everybody’s role:

Putra: Website creator and Voiceover

Luneta: Script maker and Voiceover

Mikail: Editor, voiceover  and footage creator

Zahra: Voiceover and footage creator

Mikail: Editor, voiceover  and footage creator

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task, then we divided the tasks and then we made the script, we scoured for videos online then recorded our parts, then i made the website and the next day the video was done so is the website

This project was a lot of guessing and things like that but in the end we made it, and were pretty proud of it, but there was also a lot of procrastination. However we figured out that’s no good and that’s one thing we learned from it.

Thank you

Complete members: Putra, Luna, Mikail, Pohan


  • PutraG7 / Reply

    hello! Putra here, please comment on what you think needs to be improved or anything else like that, I hope you enjoy this post! Goodbye!

  • Amazing Story! 10/10! The Narration is Amazing Would recommend! Story is interesting and very entertaining The Edits and Footage are very smooth and enjoyable to watch! 9/10

    • Woww… Good job Putra and friends… The way you guys described the sword made me want to know more about it…
      But maybe if the editing in this video was more smooth, then it will be just perfect…
      Overall very nice and cool job you all 👍👍👍👍

  • Wow, interesting story and concept, it was short and nice to hear however the editing is sloppy but overall is nice!

    • Hi Putra & team, interesting topic and i like it. It is detail and narrative. You all have good English. Speak fluently. Amazing. Your presentation shows that you know what you peesent. The music background is a bit loud so that when you all speak, the voice doesnt sound clear. Good job. Keep on being creative and … caiyooo💪💪

  • Rayya friend of putra / Reply

    Interesting though the editing kinda needs improvement but it is overall poggers, Jschlatt would approve.

  • Bambang / Reply

    Please show up with examples (pics, films) how it is dangerous for children.
    Voice of Mikail need to be more clearer.

    Good job guys!! Proud of your project..💝👍

  • Herman Nugraha / Reply

    Nice video and information, quite interesting with the topic though. The editing needs to re-work though. But overall, nice video. Well done

  • Make it more longer but overall is marvelous guys 😉

    • PutraG7 / Reply

      The limit for the ad was 4 minutes so we couldn’t make it longer, we would if we had more time!

  • Nabila / Reply

    Overall topic is interesting but the video needs some improvement on design side.

  • Aditama W / Reply

    Good job Putra, overall ok and put some more example and many sources to get more information regarding this. 👍

  • Congratulations on your Project Putra, it’s wonderful video and what great Job you and your friends made this video

  • Djuwita / Reply

    Good over all.. need more improvement in video editing. Move on kiddos 👍

  • Great Advert 10/10, the only part that is lacking are the subpar editing and song usage which I don’t think goes well with the theme of the video. Nice choice of gameplay though.

  • Good job group 4! :DD

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