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MHIS Showcase

Finishing a Big Project Near the Due Date?! Take a Look! (9BG1) – MHIS Showcase


We’re from group 1, a group that consists of 4 people. Muhammad Nabriez Althaf Thawil as the group leader, there is also Adiwitya Daffa Ekaputra as the vice leader and two other members which is Alea Felicya Az-zahra and Muhammad Garsyad Antony Ganie.

Aren’t you curious about what project we’re doing? Of course it’s uncertain whether you’re curious or not. Well we just want to tell you guys about the project that we’re running. No, it can’t be called running anymore cause it’s already done. Well, so the PBL project that we did is Video Podcast. Usually most people do Podcasts rather than Video Podcasts. Why? Because for some reason most people are more comfortable having a conversation through voice only rather than using video then chatting normally. So the content of the Video Podcast that we make contains Science, Bahasa Indonesia, English, PPKN, PE, Global Perspective, Math, Music, Mandarin, Arabic and lastly Religion as the key of the project. We can say religion as the key because the base of our project is slaughtering which is related to religion lessons.

From our perspective, our Video Podcast is quite interesting because there are a lot of comedy conversations, not only subject discussion. But we don’t know how you guys will look at our Video Podcast like, but I believe you’ll not regret sparring some of your time on watching our Video Podcast.

To not make a headache, Nabriez as the group leader divided us with tasks to do. At first Nabriez tasked everyone in the group including Nabriez to make up for the script so that we can be at ease when we’re making the video. Now for the individual task, Nabriez tasked Adit to do the editing part when the video is done. Then tasked Alea to do the music backsound part but unfortunately she can’t do it because she doesn’t know how to and then Nabriez tasked Garsyad to do so but he can’t also do it. In the end, Nabriez is the one who does the job for making the music backsound even though Nabriez himself can’t but he tries to do it, but before that he watches many videos on youtube on how to make a music backsound that is suitable for Video Podcasts. 

Finally Nabriez can make it. Also because there is no more job to do Alea and Garsyad don’t have to do anymore jobs. Almost near the deadline of submission we finally make the Video Podcast while at that time Nabriez is the one that is recording the video, and after so many tries, unfortunately when we check the video the video has many scenes that are lagging and freezing.

Actually it was already late in the afternoon, which is already close to maghrib time, as a result we decided to make up the video one more time the next day. Henceforth, just like before after so many tries, the difference is that on that day Adit is the one who recorded it because he was the one who had a stable internet connection at that time. At that time we’re very panicked because the deadline is getting even closer and pray to Allah so that the recorded video will be smooth.

After Adit finished converting the video, it was fortunate that the video is smooth and sound, and we’re very grateful. After recording the video, Adit started editing the video hastily; at that time it was already the last day for the deadline. It was already late at night, almost 23:59 a clock. It took so long for putting the subtitle then Nabriez give Adit an advice to just put 1 whole conversation per person so that it will speed up the process and so Adit did it. Finally it’s done before the due date. Adit quickly posted the Video Podcast in youtube and gave the link to Nabriez the leader to turn it in, in the google classroom.

Well it was our first experience on making a project this big, no actually it’s not the first time last year we also have PBL but this year’s PBL is way bigger than last year. Last year, the subject that is involved in the project is only Science and math but this year almost all the subjects are involved. To be honest we think it’s annoying but it can’t be helped. Actually all of us feel stress but as time passes by it is already done, and we smoothly overcome that hardship together with the 4 of us.

After completing the PBL project which is Video Podcast, we realized that there are many things that we learned after doing the project. We realized that we need high perseverance in order to make a satisfactory result. Also we need teamwork so that we can sync when doing our project and it will be easier to complete our project. Nabriez as the leader also learned patience during the time when we’re working on the project, patience is the essence so that Nabriez will not get out of control when things are not going as he planned. But fortunately Nabriez is not out of control when we’re working out our project. Even though Nabriez almost ran out of patience because the other answered his group chat late. Nabriez also realized that leadership is not as easy as he thinks, he learned that underestimating something that is not yet obvious is a bad thing.

For the students that’ll do a similar project like us in the future, we recommend finding a place that is comfortable to use and have a good internet connection so that when you start recording the video the result will be smooth. Not like us, we have to retake and it’ll take more precious time. We also recommend making a schedule for completing the tasks of each member, recording, editing and submission. We wish you all to do your best when the time comes, I believe those recommendations will come in use later on, believe us your beloved senpai.

Written by: Adit, Alea, Garsyad, Nabriez

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