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MHIS Showcase

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Assalamualaikum everyone,

So this is Group 3’s PBL Project article. In our group, we have Hanif as our leader, Gyan as our vice leader and Kyla and Kiran as our members. In our PBL project, we chose the vlog project. We wanted to do a podcast but that was taken by another group so we had to choose vlog instead.

Every member of the group had their own tasks which our leader Hanif picked. He chose Gyan and Hanif to work on the script for the vlog, Kyla worked on her part of the script and made the music for the video and Kiran worked on her part of the script and also edited a part of the video.

Nearly everyday Gyan and Hanif work on doing the script for at least 1-2 hours. Working on this project is like doing STEAM Fair but with a lot more projects. where if the stem fair project only involves 2 subjects, namely science and math. different from PBL, PBL involves all subjects and it trains us to be more creative. because our group chose a vlog project, we had some problems starting from matching scripts, editing and others but this really taught us to work together, help each other to achieve one goal.

We have learned many lessons from this PBL project. Starting from we have to divide and manage our time to do assignments and PBL, and a lesson from Gyan which is, editing takes time and takes hard work. And for the students that will be doing the vlog project for PBL, we recommend having a lot of creativity and managing your time well because doing a vlog takes a lot of time especially the editing!

We hope you do enjoy our vlog and of course like and comment on the video! Wassalamualaikum wr.wb


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