MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Educational Instagram Account (G11G1PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Hello there, Assalamualaikum!

We are Group 1 from Grade 11 and today we will be sharing a bit about our project which is the Educational Instagram account. We are made up of three members ; Fathan, Malik and Ranaa. Fathan is our Leader, Malik is the Vice Leader and Ranaa is our one and only member. Ranaa was in charge of doing the experiment and making the Instagram “Highlights” while the boys were in charge of developing the Instagram page from the results of Ranaa’s experiment.

The Instagram account is called the Lab Rats, because it correlates with the essence of experimenting which is an integral part of our project. The experiment is done to show the transport of water in plants. The page is filled with everything related to our experiment, with supporting videos and pictures, explanations and factors that affect the experiment itself. We chose to make an Instagram account because it is very simple to execute and does not take up much time. 

This month’s PBL was more stressful than our previous ones. This is because we ultimately decided on doing an experiment just 10 days before the submission. Plus we also quite had a lot of subjects to incorporate into our experiment and it was difficult to combine all of the subjects together in the beginning. Nonetheless, we finished the project on time. 

We have definitely learned quite a lot. This was our first time doing this experiment, and it was difficult for us to convert all of the data into an Instagram page. We would recommend others to use your time wisely. If you were given a month to finish this task, use it. Do not just start during the last few days.

We hope you enjoy our project as much as we enjoyed making it!

Click here, to check out our Instagram account.

Written by Ranaa

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