MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Behind the Scenes of A Short Film’s Production (G9BG1PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Hello, folks!

This is group 1, we have Zahwa as the leader, Arafi as vice leader and members are Mrafi and Kyla. For this PBL project our group made a short movie and as the leader of the group, Zahwa divided the task to all members.

We decided to make an educational short movie about a new plant that had never been found before and we observed whether this plant was safe for human consumption or not. 

Zahwa as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member, Zahwa also did planning. Mrafi and Zahwa worked on reviewer and researchers before writing the script. For the script part, Zahwa, Mrafi and Kyla worked on it while Arafi helped a little.  Also for the editing part, Zahwa did it.

We ran across some issues while putting together our ideas. We need to make a new video because some of them failed to remove the background. We also encounter communication issues from time to time. By organizing our time, communicating, and cooperating with one another, we are able to overcome the challenges and complete our assignment on time. 

If you want to make a short film like we did, we recommend you to have a creative screenplay, editing the video in parts because it will take a long time, and using a green screen (if you want to remove the background) because it will look nicer.

Here is our educational short movie. I really hope our movie can help you to learn science and math more easily!

We are welcome for feedback by commenting below! So we can improve it in the future, it will mean a lot to us. 

Have a nice day!

Written by Zahwa



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