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MHIS Showcase

Arabic Calligraphy Poster & Painting (Grade 8) – MHIS Showcase

Arabic Calligraphy Poster & Painting (Grade 8)

Hello everyone, My name is Athar and I am the leader of this grade’s Arabic group, which is Grade 8. In this group we also have Khanis as the vice-leader and Nayla, Talitha and Nailah. For this project we chose Poster & Painting with poetry after a long discussion with Mr. Firman and the rest of the groupmates.

In this project, we decided that we wanted to make the poster and poetry with calligraphy and painting. Because of this, to make it easier, we decided to divide the tasks amongst each other to make it more efficient. I, Athar was the one who made the poetry in English and after Mr. Firman translated the whole thing to arabic, He tasked Khanis and Nailah to make the title with calligraph. We then decided that Talitha and Nayla will be the ones to write the poetry in calligraphy.

This was the second project of Grade 8 so this was a bit easier since we had all the experiences of the previous year and because of that, this project was smooth-sailing and while there was some problems, it was dealt with easily. Overall, I think that this project was quite fun and we learned new things like calligraphy and communications skills.

That was it from me, once again my name is Athar and goodbye!

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