MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Animation – Group 2 PBL – MHIS Showcase

Assalamualaikum WRB,

We are Group 2 from G11. This group consists of two members which are Izzie and Michelle. For this PBL we are assigned to choose a project to do in a team. We ended up choosing the animation making project. The animation that we are making is quite simple, the storyline is easy to understand. We used several animals to be the characters. Those animals explained the topics according to what is given in the learning guidelines.

The title of the animation is “ Zoolander Kindergarten “. We analyzed the guidelines then we divided the tasks. Izzie made the animation and also the editing components on video, Michelle created the posters and also script. For the background music, the both of us made it together in BandLab. We decided to make the plot of the animation simple, so that people will understand the explanation easily and even though we stumbled a lot of times doing this project, we are still happy with the result.

We learned a lot from this PBL since it includes every subject different from the PBL last year which only included Physics and ICT. The both of us learned how to manage our time and control our patience. Because of this I believe that our relationship became stronger and we hope you guys like our project. See you guys in our next PBL.

Wassalamualaikum WRB.

– Michelle & Izzie


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