MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

What Have We Learnt, in PBL 5? (G9BG3PBL5) – MHIS Showcase


A new semester, another PBL project!

We’ve done this for the 5th time now and we think we have gotten used to it. How to choose a topic for the project, how to hand out parts for each member of the group, and how to finish it on time.

For this PBL project we have Anaya as the leader, Gyan as vice leader and our other two members of the group, Riza and Adit. We chose News Reporting, so we acted as if we were newscasters while sharing information about the learning objectives we were given of Science and Maths. Each member helped with parts of the project, Anaya wrote the reviewer, planner and the Science part of the script, Riza and Gyan wrote the Math part. At first we were slow on progress, the Science part of the script was quickly finished but we were stuck on the Math part. But of course we got through it by helping each other and finishing it together, not to forget: the help of teachers. Afterwards we immediately shot our videos separately and edited our videos. 

Like all PBL projects we have done, we went through some obstacles like, the lack of communication, procrastination, and time management. Nevertheless we still finished and submitted our project on time. After doing PBL projects since grade 7 we’ve realized that communication is the most important thing in a group project, without communication nothing could have been done. So in the next project we’ll be sure to communicate as much with our group mates as possible so that way things can be done quickly but also perfectly!

Check out our project here!

Written By Anaya Kesuma


  • Great work, group 3! The important thing is you learn something new and improve every time you do a project 👍

  • Aimee Kesuma / Reply

    Cool! The editing was really good so was Group 3!

  • Well done for the project, a good team work, informative & communicative 👍

  • Well done… Great work ! Great team work… So informative 👍

  • Wow I am learning a lot. So save WADAS… It is deforestation .. ruining the food chain
    Of course the math in capitalizing deforestation of WADAS be be in zero sum game … Or the deviation will be extreme.
    Please elaborate on this leaders of the future

  • Great work ! Great team work ! Well done … So informative 👍

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